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Offsite Data Backup

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Virtual Signin System

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Business Phone Systems

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Amicus Data Care


Amicus Data Care Green IT Management provides detailed energy consumption and costs for each workstation and server in a network environment. By performing detailed calculations based on local energy rates, the amount of time a computer is powered on and an analysis of each computers components, energy consumption and costs are reported.

Use Amicus Data Care to manage energy consumption and save significant energy costs.

  • Analysis by workstations and servers.
  • Cost per computer by day, month and year with total costs.
  • Manage specific computer details beyond calculated default values.
  • Local energy rates are harvested based on your state.
  • Let Amicus Data Care automatically power down computers at set times and the system calculates the energy savings.

Stop Data Theft

The functions of Amicus Data Care can help stop the theft of your crucial company data. You can track if someone is printing or copying your financial, customer, trade secret or other private and crucial business information?

USB devices scare us! They are tiny and hold massive amounts of information, a recipe for data theft disaster.

Did you know most data theft is from within companies?

  • With print job monitoring and reporting, you can see everything that is printed. Our easy search capability will let you mine the data in seconds.
  • With USB device alerts you will instantly know who is doing what with USB storage and other devices in your environment.
  • Software alerts will tell you if anyone is installing unwanted or dangerous software.

Asset Management

Managing your company’s computer investment can be a daunting task. From inventory and warranty management to equipment lifecycle, tracking and managing this information is time consuming and difficult to keep up to date and accurate.

  • Full equipment inventory reporting and analysis
  • Manage installed software and crucial software license compliance
  • Automated analytics for equipment lifecycle management
  • Automated warranty management with live data for name brand manufacturers equipment
  • Includes remote workstations, servers and notebooks
  • Computers detailed to the component level Installed Software
  • Complete listings of installed software
  • Listings by application, computer and user
  • Software license managementEquipment Lifecycle
  • Ratings applied to each computer to determine its life position
  • Maximize asset values and use while budgeting upgradesWarranty Management