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TalkSwitch Business Telephone Systems

TalkSwitch is the hybrid phone system that combines traditional and VoIP (Voice over IP) telephony for offices with 1 to 32 phone users per location at breakthrough prices. With rich features including auto attendants, voicemail, remote extensions and much more, TalkSwitch all-in-one telephone systems deliver everything that the small, multi-branch or home-based business requires to improve image, reduce communication costs and stay in touch everywhere. And that’s revolutionary.
TalkSwitch Business Telephone Systems

Serving Small Business

Let us help you choose a telecommunications solution that will work for your small business or home office. We can set you up with a complete office telephone system at a price that is extremely affordable to any small business. Contact us for a quote today.


We can simply sell you the system or we can install it, and maintain it, or anywhere in between. We can help you with wiring, programming, setup and more. We will also show you how to do it once the job is complete.

Packed with Features

Amicus Data is an authorized reseller of the Centrepoint Technologies TalkSwitch telephone systems. See the list of features below or click on the image to see detailed information about the TalkSwitch.

  • Integration with other offices and branches, or remote workers via VOIP
  • Automated Attendant (Talkswitch can have up to 9)
  • 26 Voice mailboxes, up to 25 minutes of mail
  • Talkswitch voicemail memory can be expanded with extra memory sold separately
  • Upgradeable by networking multiple Talkswitch 48 units together
  • Call Back and Call Bridge to connect to your Talkswitch phone system remotely
  • Call Cascade so you can direct actions when a phone is busy, not answered, etc.
  • Call Forwarding allows you to receive calls if away from your desk or office
  • Call Hold and Call Transfer – Put callers on hold and/or transfer them to someone else local or remote
  • Music on hold (or could be advertising on hold!) via 3.5mm mono input to the Talkswitch
  • Call other Talkswitch extensions
  • Talkswitch allows you to pick up calls from any extension
  • Call Park, use with PA system
  • Call Queue so you can manage multiple calls at the same time
  • Mode Scheduling – Change system options and call routing based on day and time
  • Talkswitch Remote extensions act like any other extension on the Talkswitch
  • Easily install and configure from Win 95, Win 98, Win 2000, Win XP via included software
  • Software upgradeable via new releases from time to time with new features
  • Ring Groups to ring multiple phones at the same time
  • Works with phone company distinctive ring feature, each “line” can have different features and routing!
  • Talkswitch can provide voice mail notification to pager or cell phone
  • Conference calling ability
  • Route faxes and share your fax line
  • Works with phone system 3 way calling when transfering calls to remote extensions!
  • Call Screening allows you to record the callers name and play it back so you can decide if you want to accept or reject the call
  • Talkswitch has many other features


Unlike the majority of business telephone systems, TalkSwitch was designed to be easily installed and customized. Whether you do it yourself or rely on a professional technician, TalkSwitch installation and configuration is designed to save you time and money.


TalkSwitch delivers full phone system features for less. In addition to its low initial purchase price, TalkSwitch works with existing standard telephone sets, saves you money on long-distance calling and includes free lifetime software updates. For cost-conscious small business, it’s the best choice on the market.


TalkSwitch has proven itself in thousands of business and institutional settings; financial services, real estate offices, management consultancies, computer and technical services, retail stores, schools and many more use TalkSwitch. And 95 percent of users would recommend TalkSwitch phone systems.


Read what the press has to say about TalkSwitch in some top industry publications, such as TMC, CommWeb, CRN and VON Magazine.